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Frequently asked questions

What is Remote Patient Monitoring in Healthcare?

Medicare recently introduced 4 new CPT codes in 2019-2020 providing reimbursements for remotely monitoring patients health. Patients take daily readings using a variety of cellular or bluetooth devices that record health data for review by clinical staff.

Who is Remote Patient Monitoring for?

Remote Patient Monitoring was introduced to help practices treat patients with one or more chronic illnesses.

When did Remote Patient Monitoring begin?

Remote Patient Monitoring has been around as a concept since the 60's. The RPM we're dealing with is extremely different thanks to improvements in devices and software. Everyhing changed when Medicare introduced the largest revenue opportunity in digital health to date.

What are the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring dramatically improves the management of Chronic Illnesses, better outcomes, reduced hospital stays and increased patient/doctor collaboration.

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